Our building is starting to show its age and in the past few years we’ve had to replace the roof, renovate the bathrooms and replace a furnace. 

Unfortunately, more repairs are needed to bring our building up to date.  This year we are replacing the 20-year old Lodge room carpeting at a cost of $7,000 and we need to address our 30-year old parking lot due to cracking and very large potholes at a cost of $20,000. Also in consideration is renovating the dining hall which hasn’t been updated in decades. 

Your support is crucial to our efforts to keep our building up to date so we can continue to recruit Brothers and contribute to future Master Masons in an effort to advance our mission of FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY.

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thank you for your continued support

 Your charitable donations may be tax-deductible, please consult with your tax adviser or the IRS. 

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